Now Offering Professional Creative Consultation


The Center for Soulful Presence is now offering Professional Creative Consulting for those seeking new and innovative ways to motivate, inspire, and facilitate an authentic atmosphere for your office, school, private practice, home, or corporate team. Using a variety a of present-centered art and expressive techniques as way to experience group work on a whole new level. Some of the tools used might include: mindfulness, guided imagery, relaxation and stress reduction, drama, poetry, visual arts, music, and movement. Each workshop is designed especially for you and your group’s unique and specific needs. Experiential and didactic approaches will be shared to fully integrate the work you will be learning how to use. Some may also use this as a way to avoid and manage burn-out, and increase an awareness for self care and stress reduction. Offerings are suitable for retreats, team-building, family gatherings, conferences, office parties/events, and advanced skill building for the healing practitioner and educator. Please call or email The Center for Soulful Presence at 678-962-7290 or

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