When: August 20th from 4 pm-6 pm

Where: 3125 Presidential Parkway, Suite 220, Atlanta, GA 30340

The Center for Soulful Presence located at the City of Light is hosting a unique experiential workshop as a compliment to anyone’s spiritual, personal growth and development path. In this workshop, the participants will be utilizing dream content through guided meditation, image making, and automatic writing. This Dream Weaver Intuitive Workshop is created and facilitated by spiritual life coach, artist, and licensed professional counselor Stacey Cohen, MA, LPC.

This workshop is for those seeking to go a bit deeper into their spiritual practice and find new ways to create abundance, insight, and solutions to our “stuck” places. If you are sick and tired of doing the same old watered down principles in the spirituality community and talk therapy is just not getting you the results you want, this workshop is for you! No previous art experience necessary.

What if all the information you need is residing in your dreams every night as you slumber? Dream books and interpretation/analysis can be a bit misleading due to the sole fact that going outside of oneself for the answers may be the cause of the feedback loop and confusion. We will however invite the participants to share openly about other’s dreams to get more than one perspective.

Each dreamer will bring in a dream that you have had and will explore the inner workings of the dream utilizing mirroring, Gestalt, writing, art and expressive formats for exploration. It does not matter how old the dream may be for in dream land linear time does not exist. Imagine what kind of dreams we will be having prior to this monumentous Solar Eclipse?!!

Investment in improving the quality of your life: $40 prepaid per person. Your payment reserves your seat. Seats are limited to 10 people max. Send payments to Paypal (artpresence@gmail.com) or Venmo (Stacey-Cohen-2). Deadline for sign up is two days prior to event. Art supplies included, no previous art experience necessary. I am offering 2 financial hardship scholarships (a reduced fee of $10) to the first two people to contact me who are willing to volunteer for set up and break down of the event. If you cannot pay the $10, then I will comp you. Please consider paying it forward to someone in need when you are able.

Supplies needed: a journal to write in, a snack to pass and share, and your dreams!

See you in Dream Weaver time!
~Stacey Cohen

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