About Your Therapist


It is with the belief that the mind, body, and human spirit has an innate resiliency that has the ability to heal oneself. Yet, sometimes we may encounter barriers on the journey that require some additional support and guidance. Healing can be found through personal empowerment, mindfulness, added social support, strength/ asset/and option exploration, coping/life skill acquisition, processing and identifying antiquated patterns of thinking/belief/and behavior, supporting authentic empathy, mirroring, and non-judgment where we can find a more rewarding and constructive approach to living.

During my therapy sessions, I offer you guidance, support, and the clear unwavering belief in your innate ability to tap into new sources of strength and serenity. I will be providing person-centered short and longer term intensive psychotherapy in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. There is a belief that life does not happen in a vacuum and neither does healing.

Stacey graduated from Argosy University with a master’s degree in professional counseling in 2005 and received her undergraduate degree in Fine Art and Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1993. Her interest in combining her passions for personal growth, art, and wellness drew her to use expressive art and humanistic psychology in her practice. She is currently accepting new clients, and works with couples, families, and individuals on the phone, online, and in person.

Stacey is also a Master level Reiki practitioner, and the founder of a multidisciplinary creative healing arts studio. She is a spiritual life coach and expressive arts educator working with trauma victims of war and natural disaster who uses meditation, art, and expression to aid personal growth and transformation. She loves cultural and language studies, and is interested in indigenous natural healing approaches, henna art, dance, music, and a variety of mindfulness practices.

Professional Memberships:

  •  LGBTQ Therapists Resource, Inc.
  •  C.G. Jung Society of Atlanta

Non-Profit Organization Affiliations:

  • The ArtReach Foundation- http://www.artreachfoundation.org/
  • Gratitude America- http://www.gratitudeamerica.org/


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