About Your Therapist

I am currently working in service for those seeking a life of presence, authenticity, and peace for the young adult and adult population. I am your advocate and support the inner wisdom and strength that already resides within you. However, at times we feel stuck, confused, and in need of more support, resources, or more applicable coping skills.


I am a good fit for those clients struggling with gender identity/sexuality or trouble “fitting in”, adult ADD/ADHD, young adults (Millennial), life transitions in midlife, women issues, LGBTQ and those coming out later in life, adult survivors of child abuse and trauma, the highly sensitive person (empath), adult children of addicts/alcoholics, those active in 12-Step, spiritual seekers/existential crisis, compassion fatigue/”wounded healers”, professional counselors seeking consultation, and creatives seeking professional direction.

My specialties are in working with depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, trauma/PTSD, life transitions, grief/loss, the highly sensitive individual (empath), adult children of addicts, LGBTQ related issues, and spirituality for the young adult, and adult populations. I am taking currently taking new individual clients at this time.

My life’s passion is the integration of personal growth, art, spirituality, and wellness into my practice. The work I do utilizes art and expressive therapy as a therapeutic modality and the application of embodied practices of EFT, body awareness, and mindfulness meditation in conjunction with Humanistic psychology.

I am a fully licensed professional counselor and 2005 Argosy University graduate with a master’s degree in counseling psychology and an undergraduate degree in Fine Art and Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1993. I am also a Master level Reiki practitioner and the founder of a multidisciplinary creative healing arts studio as a spiritual life coach and expressive arts educator who uses mindfulness meditation practices to aid personal growth and transformation.  I am currently accepting new individual clients for phone, online, and in-person sessions.

Professional Memberships:

  •  LGBTQ Therapists Resource, Inc.
  •  C.G. Jung Society of Atlanta

Non-Profit Organization Affiliations:

  • Tap Into Community
  • The ArtReach Foundation- http://www.artreachfoundation.org/
  • Gratitude America- http://www.gratitudeamerica.org/


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