Professional Creative Consultation


With 20 plus collective years of experience in the fields of art, education, and psychology, I offer an opportunity to use art and various forms of creative expression to assist your groups in opening up with a lighthearted sense of play, authenticity, and soulful impact. My work is primarily experiential in nature and will demonstrate the methods through hands-on exercises that can be translated to the specific population that you work with. In addition, I provide a didactic portion of the consultation to further assist understanding of the experience that has been provided for you.

Professional Creative Consultation is available on an hourly or daily basis to educators/therapists/team leaders/& caregivers on methods of incorporating creativity and expressive art into your schools, offices, therapy practice, homes, and corporate team building initiatives. Stacey is also available to share her work with others wanting to put together local, regional, and international retreats and workshops.  Please contact Stacey Cohen, MA, LPC for more information on rates and available packages at 678-962-7290 or email at